maandag 31 augustus 2009

Sculpted nurgling

Finished the nurgling. Painting will have to wait until I get my paints. I think I a good paintjob will bring out all the gruesome details ;)

Scale comparison:

donderdag 27 augustus 2009

Death Guard color scheme

Quite a nice tool to test your marine colors:
Space Marines
Chaos Space Marines

dinsdag 25 augustus 2009

Start of a Nurgle army!

I'm going to start Nurgle Marines.

Here is a preview:

WIP nurgling (sculpted with left over green stuff):

donderdag 6 augustus 2009

Knights Of Bayard: Conquest 6

Last Saturday the Knights Of Bayard held a Warhammer Fantasy tournament: Conquest 6. I went there with my Bretonnians and played 3 1500 points battles over the course of the day.

This was my first tournament and it won't be my last! What a great day. The organisation was flawless, and the location and battlefield where also top class. I saw some beautifully painted and converted armies, see for yourselves in the pictures below. My bretonnians got a 18/20 for painting, not bad with such a high standard.

I played against 3 nice opponents and got a massacre loss, draw and massacre win. At the end of the day, this meant a 18/44 place, not bad for a first tournament :)

Some of my own pictures.
Gallery from the Knights of Bayard site.

zaterdag 1 augustus 2009

Bret Bits: finished

WIP pictures:
Base Colors

Gave a black ink and finished yellow parts

Did the heraldry and finsihed red parts

Finished (after the metal and leather parts)
img 320x240
img 320x240

Also finished:

Link to the gallery.