dinsdag 30 juni 2009

3 rhino's: finished!

Finished! These rhino's have more mud and damage then my other vehicles. That's because they see much more front line action then artillery vehicles.

Close ups of some details:

Link to the gallery.

maandag 29 juni 2009

3 days, 3 rhino's

I have assembled 3 rhino's for my dark angels.

This one is an old 2nd hand model with a bad paint job that destoyed some of the detail. I had to take it apart to clean it with file and sandpaper:

2 regular rhino's:

With Forgeworld details:

I already did most of the painting (no pics yet), saturday: all the green. Sunday: all the metals + some details. Today I have to finish the detailing. I hope it all works out ;)

zondag 7 juni 2009

40K scenery: bunkers part 2

I have been quite busy but still found time some bunkers. Some work in progress pictures.

1 cardboard bunker as an example:

All stuff together before painting:

After the first coat of paint:

Bringing out some details:

Finished pictures.

Everything together:

Hold the line!:


Command bunker:

Link to the gallery.

maandag 1 juni 2009

Review: Warhammer Online, Prelude to War (comic)

The collector's edition of the PC game "Warhammer Online" includes a nice comic. The game is already out for a while, I know. But only last week I found a chance to read the story. Right now you can buy the comic again through the Mythic Online Store (the publishers of the game.)

The comic (or graphic novel) is written by Graham McNeill, a well known author from Black Library, publisher of all things Games Workshop.

The meaning of the novel is to explain the events that happen before the story of the PC game. There are 6 different chapters, all in chronological order. Each part belongs to a different playable race from the game. These are Chaos, Dark Elves, Orcs & Goblins, Dwarfs, Humans and High Elves.

The main story is quite cliché: the evil armies gather to overthrow the world, while the only chance for the good guys is to form an alliance of order. We all heard this story before, but it is fitting for the warhammer universe (big armies gather there all the time). In the 6 chapters we see the different motives that belong the main races.

The drawing style of each of the 6 stories is totally different. The reason is that these are all drawn and coloured by different people. But each different style really fits the corresponding race. Personly I really liked the drawings of the Chaos, Dwarf and Elf stories. On the other hand, I thought that the Style of the Orc story was rubbish. Not detailed enough and pieces with missing parts. The drawings from the Empire story was OK, but the colouring was way to dark. I know they want to create a desperate atmosphere, but most of the images had to many black areas.

The 6 stories are all quite short, and for most part they give action scenes. This also includes sounds like "KBLAM", "ZZZT" and "THOOM". In my opinion there was a bit to much action, but it is all quite fitting in the WARhammer universe. The stories of the Dwarves and High Elves where more relaxed and pleasant to read, because the focus wasn't so much on fighting.

I was pleasantly surprised by the novel. The atmosphere is really good, but the story is not really ground-breaking. The drawing style is really nice (better than all the Warhammer comics I previously saw). While reading the comic I really felt the urge to start playing Warhammer Online again!

Recommended for all who likes warhammer or over the top fantasy. Not recommended if you want a long or well-thought story.

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Warhammer Online: Prelude to War (Comic)

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