zondag 12 april 2009

Index: links (Dutch)

Here you will find a list of links to war game clubs, shops and community's from Belgium and Holland.

Mandragon: Dutch Roleplay Community with a large Battle Games forum
De Ranking Der Nederlanden: tournament ranking site (Beglium and Holland)
Shadowhunterblogs: my blog ;)
Grimduck's Blog: nice blog from Xhammer member Grimduck ;)

Belgian Clubs:
Xhammer (Kontich): Best club in the world ;)
Tin Soldiers of Antwerp (Hoevenen): Large and very active club, organisers of the yearly Crisis Event
Red Barons (Gent): Organisers of the Red Barons Convention
De Witte Ridder (Leopoldsburg)
Gaming Lords (Leuven)
Knights of Bayard (Dendermonde)
Black Dragons (Brugge)
Tunderbolts (Gent)
The Green Knight (Brugge)
Olde Worlde (Oostende)

Celtic Cross (Antwerp): very friendly and hobby crazy people here, recommended
GameStore (Deurne)
Outpost (Antwerpen, Brussel, Gent)

Clubs from Holland:
Hive Novio(Nijmegen)
Tactica Chaplains (Geleen)

Let me know if there are broken links or items missing from the list!

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