zaterdag 25 april 2009

Tactical Squad from Assault on Black Reach

I have finished the Tactical marines from the Assault on Black Reach box. They are more detailed than the marines from the old starter set (Battle for Maccragge), but still, their poses are quite boring. The biggest problem however, is that the tactical markings on their shoulder pads are not correct for dark angels, so I had to scrape those all off.

Also I finished the crashed pilot/scientist model, I'll call him "Dr. Zoatberg" :)

Link to the gallery.

Dark Angels: group picture

Some group pictures of my Dark Angels.

In the future, close-up pictures of each finished unit will be posted on the site.

Link to the gallery.

zondag 12 april 2009

The defence of LV-426: event coverage

Each year the club Xhammer strives to organise a cool demonstration game. We then show it at various Belgian wargames conventions.

This year we organised a large Warhammer 40K Apocalypse Battle. It features the attack of a Tyranid swarm on a doomed city from LV-426.

The impressive Tyranid army is played by wiz, while the city is defended by the space wolves of Grimduck and my dark angels (Shadowhunter).

A long line of trenches separates the city from the wasteland. Wiz and Grimduck made the cool terrain that features huge buildings, a lot of ruins and very realistic trenches.

Its a really great battle, drenched with a feeling of doom while the defenders try to hold back the numberless Tyranids. We used some objectives and special rules to balance the 2 forces.

You can see some images of this game in action (look for the grey 40K city, marines and big green nasty Tyranids), together with pictures from the other great tables and miniatures.

Red Barons Convention 2009:

Tin Soldiers of Antwerp Crisis 2008:
Gallery 1
Gallery 2

Dwarf Army

This is a dwarf army I painted a while ago. All the miniatures are from the Battle for Skull Pass set (about 500 points worth). They where really fun to paint and where sold on ebay afterwards.

Complete Army Shot:







Slayer (captured):



Link to the gallery.

Index: links (Dutch)

Here you will find a list of links to war game clubs, shops and community's from Belgium and Holland.

Mandragon: Dutch Roleplay Community with a large Battle Games forum
De Ranking Der Nederlanden: tournament ranking site (Beglium and Holland)
Shadowhunterblogs: my blog ;)
Grimduck's Blog: nice blog from Xhammer member Grimduck ;)

Belgian Clubs:
Xhammer (Kontich): Best club in the world ;)
Tin Soldiers of Antwerp (Hoevenen): Large and very active club, organisers of the yearly Crisis Event
Red Barons (Gent): Organisers of the Red Barons Convention
De Witte Ridder (Leopoldsburg)
Gaming Lords (Leuven)
Knights of Bayard (Dendermonde)
Black Dragons (Brugge)
Tunderbolts (Gent)
The Green Knight (Brugge)
Olde Worlde (Oostende)

Celtic Cross (Antwerp): very friendly and hobby crazy people here, recommended
GameStore (Deurne)
Outpost (Antwerpen, Brussel, Gent)

Clubs from Holland:
Hive Novio(Nijmegen)
Tactica Chaplains (Geleen)

Let me know if there are broken links or items missing from the list!

Index: event coverages

Here you will find a list of links to various event coverages.

Tin Soldiers of Antwerp: Crisis 2009 (Antwerpen)
Knights Of Bayard: Conquest 6 Warhammer Fantasy Tournament (Dendermonde)
Red Barons Convention 2009 (Gentbrugge)

Tin Soldiers of Antwerp: Crisis 2008 (Antwerpen)

Let me know if there are broken links or items missing from the list!

Index: miniature galleries

Here you will find a list of links to my miniatures.

Warhammer Fantasy:

Warhammer 40K:
Dark Angels

Other stuff:
Objective Markers

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woensdag 8 april 2009

40K scenery: crashed aquila

I'm working on some Dark Angels miniatures right now, in the meanwhile here are some pics of an older terrain piece: the crashed aquila plane from the Battle for Maccragge set.

Link to the gallery.